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Remoska’s have been sold in UK for over 10 years.

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Below is a selection of edited comments made by users in the United Kingdom & South Africa:

  • Maggie from Cape Town
    “As for that Remoska…………….it’s amazing!
    I cooked chicken first. Then did potatoes and onion. I always end up burning the latter.
    It was beautifully browned. What I love too is that it is so easy to clean and it is light.
    I find lifting heavy pots a thing of the past for me!
    What a great product! I would happily recommend it to anyone.

  • Rosemary R
    After recommendation from my brother, the Remoska was on my wish list for many months before I purchased the Standard in May this year, intending mostly to use it in our motorhome. I soon realised what I had been missing! Having successfully followed various recipes from your book I also confidently use it for almost anything that would otherwise have been grilled, fried or oven baked and, from the beginning, the Remoska was brought home after the first motorhome trip and is packed each time we go away! While away (on one-fee electric hook-up) it beautifully cooks anything from par-baked bread rolls to sausages, fish cakes and full meals that would otherwise have been cooked in the gas oven so I believe that it will have virtually paid for itself in a short while. I simply love using the Remoska and look forward to many more years of economical and successful cooking.
  • Arlene
    I did sirloin steaks yesterday. I seared them first in my frying pan then set them on top of a bed of onions in my Remoska. They were really gorgeous….. the best I have ever done. However they weren’t ‘grilled’ if you know what I mean – they were kind of ‘braised’. However hubby raved about them and they were so so tender. I am hooked on my Remoska now, though hubby is a very simple eater, so it’s hard to get properly experimenting!
  • Allan
    Just a note to say my Remoska is still going strong after 3 or 4 yrs…nothing unusual there you might say; the thing is though I haven’t used any other form of cooker since I got it. It is my only cooking appliance which means it is used every day for everything from porridge, soup, toast, main meals of all types (I’m veggie, so can’t comment on cooking meat), baking scones to bannocks to loaves and anything else you can think of. I even boiled water for my tea one day when my kettle packed in. Upshot is I probably wouldn’t know how to use an “ordinary” cooker now. I’m used to just using one switch you see.
  • Sue B
    In the process of moving house from our farm bungalow in Cornwall to a retirement bungalow in the Gloucestershire, I had spent a lot of time making my conventional oven fit for inspection by prospective buyers. As Lakeland customer of some years I knew about the Remoska but had never thought it could possibly compete with a modern oven. Not wishing to mess up my now clean conventional oven I bought a Remoska Grand a week ago as a stopgap prior to moving into a new house. I was; in terms of the vernacular, ‘gobsmacked’. Not a day has gone by when I have not used my Remoska and enjoyed with my husband, cooking we have not tasted in a long time. Moreover the cooker is so easy to clean compared to a conventional oven and runs at such a cheap rate in electrical usage that far from being a stopgap to be thrown out when we move, I have every intention of using my Remoska as the main cookery implement in my new home. We have just finished a roast meal of whole chicken. Mmm lovely. What a brilliant invention, in these days of energy cost inflation due to green but inefficient windmills, a Remoska makes economic sense as well as good and tasty meals. Please feel free to use my recommendations for this delightful discovery.
  • Absolutely Amazing by Martin
    I’m one of those guys who can’t be bothered by pots and pans etc. Since buying a Standard Remoska earlier this year I’ve gone from a cook that won’t cook, to a guy who won’t let you in the kitchen.

    I use the Remoska nearly every day and I am absolutely amazed at what you can cook in it. Food cooks so well and tastes how it should taste but better.

    As for receipes, well you can do what you like. I have roasted Lamb, Beef. Pork and whole Chickens with amazing results. Omelettes are great and easy to create. Curries, chillis etc are amazing.

    In fact with a Remoska there doesn’t seem to be any limit with what you can cook in this amazing cooker. For me the best part of using a Remoska is the fact that you don’t have lots of pots and pans on the go at the same time and the washing up is done in no time at all.

    So everyone who can’t cook, won’t cook – buy a Remoska. Does exactly what it says on the tin, lol.

    Finally for families or for those with people living on their own, there’s no excuse for not eating with one of these. Get your ingredients, put them in the Remoska, put the lid on and hey presto your dinner is on its way.

  • Susan
    I would just like to say I’ve had a Remoska for just over a year now and we still love it. It is certainly one great invention. We bought the grand one, for 2 adults 2 young children, I also have the rack so I can cook on two levels.

    The main benefits I see apart from you don’t need to use your main oven again ( which has now become a store cupboard), is the electricity saving, I’ve reduced my electricity consumption by a 1/3rd now I’m not using my big oven, to warm up things just cook the kids tea etc. Things take slightly longer to cook so for me who normally forgets to check items in the oven are now just right in the Remoska, and we can take it camping.