We were camping together in the Drakensberg last week. My dad had his Remoska there and my wife was amazed. It is an oven on its own. We literally used it every day.


I am LOVING my Remoska, thank you. I went camping this last weekend with my sister who also has one. Her Remoska went with us and baked some very tasty scones! I’m going away for the next week, camping, and will be taking mine with me!


Bought the Grand a few months ago to use in our caravan when camping, well not the case -we use it at home all the time from roast chicken & potatoes to succulent leg of lamb to amazing 1 pot dinners & crispy pastries. Can’t imagine living without it...


Hi Tony, I love my Standard Remoska, use it at work or when I travel for work, but with Covid I am preparing more of my own meals. So I will need a bigger one as well. My Remoska works every day!


Many thanks , I have indeed used my Remoska, made bread, Frittata, lamb, pork & chicken. Even my wife has had a go! I’m super impressed with my Remoska. We have also joined the Facebook Group called Remoskateers where they share tips and recipes which is...