Remoska Accessories

Remoska Rack

The Remoska Stainless Steel Rack is available in two sizes.

The Remoska Rack is manufactured in food grade stainless steel and is specifically made to fit the Remoska Grand and Standard cookers. With two height options, it expands the cooking options of the Remoska even further.

Tailor-made to fit either the Remoska Grand or Remoska Standard pan, the stainless steel rack lifts food closer to the heat source for super quick cooking, so food like pizza and toasted sandwiches will be cooked in much less time. Turn the rack over, and it will raise food from the base of the pan, allowing fat to drip through for healthier eating.


Standard dimensions: 196 x 58mm

Grand dimensions: 253 x 68mm

Care Instructions

Clean with warm water and detergent
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