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We were camping together in the Drakensberg last week. My dad had his Remoska there and my wife was amazed. It is an oven on its own. We literally used it every day.


I am LOVING my Remoska, thank you. I went camping this last weekend with my sister who also has one. Her Remoska went with us and baked some very tasty scones! I’m going away for the next week, camping, and will be taking mine with me!


Bought the Grand a few months ago to use in our caravan when camping, well not the case -we use it at home all the time from roast chicken & potatoes to succulent leg of lamb to amazing 1 pot dinners & crispy pastries. Can’t imagine living without it & especially as the pot fits into the dishwasher. A Remoska is a MUST have!


Hi Tony, I love my Standard Remoska, use it at work or when I travel for work, but with Covid I am preparing more of my own meals. So I will need a bigger one as well. My Remoska works every day!


Many thanks , I have indeed used my Remoska, made bread, Frittata, lamb, pork & chicken. Even my wife has had a go! I’m super impressed with my Remoska. We have also joined the Facebook Group called Remoskateers where they share tips and recipes which is great


I couldn’t wait for my Remoska, so I tracked it down to the Nelspruit Hub and collected it on Saturday. I baked scones on Saturday and a roast with potatoes and carrots yesterday!!!

Very, very impressed.


I was looking for a way to save power after we switched to solar. That search led me to Remoska. I use it almost on a daily basis. It does the same as a conventional oven at a fraction of the power.

We love using it on weekend to cook warm croissants or rolls – in the time it would have taken to preheat the oven. Making roast veggies is quick and easy and after 30 years I can finally make good roast potatoes.

After 18 months I still think it has been a good investment. For me the main benefits have been the power saving, it is easy to use and easy to clean.


I am just so impressed with my Remoska mini oven!

I bought it when the load shedding started and electricity prices started to rocket. Not only does it save a fortune in electricity it is a great time saver as it does not need to be preheated and is so easy and convenient to use and clean that I use it every day a now. I was sceptical that there was just the on/off switch and no temperature control but my doubts were unfounded. It roasts and bakes brilliantly. I’ve cooked everything in it – roasts, pastry, cakes, Yorkshire pudding even my Xmas ham. Also great for cooking ready made meals and pies from frozen.


Hi Tony, This “gadget” is the best “gadget” I have had in years. The oven works so easily and I have done, Pizza, Buns, Full Bread, Eisbein and Lamb shanks with veggies so far and all were a great success

George van der Merwe

We use two at home and the third one is for our caravan. It is so easy to use, food is cooked quickly and is always delicious. The versatility of the Remoska is incredible, roasts, curries, stews, bread, cakes, pizza, in fact most things you can think of. It makes the best roast chicken and roast potatoes to die for!

I have given Remoskas as gifts to family and friends and all of them are now die-hard Remoska fans! This is the best kitchen gadget ever!


I have been using the Remoska for heating/cooking of bakes, quiche, haddock mornay etc., oh so efficient, quick and easy, plus no pre heating, kudos!


I just wanted to let you know that I have just come back from camping for 2 1/2 months in Botswana.

I bought a Ramoska pot from you and it is the greatest piece of cookware ever!

I used it for everything – from stews, to roasts, to even baking muffins and cakes! It does it all.

The Best Buy ever. So much so – I would like to order another one please for home. It is versatile and easy – there is no need for anything else.

Thank you so much for an amazing product.


Morning Tony
Product well received and works great.
Already did roast chicken and baked a banana bread yesterday.
Works like a bomb.
Many thanks

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